Week of June 20, 2004

June 20, 2004 08:54 – 08:54

Saturday, June 26, 2004

I’m in Greeley, Colorado, at about 5,000 feet. I ventured west into the Rockies for a little hiking today. I saw my first rain since Virginia last night. It was brief.

Last night, I ordered pizza and Greek salad from Fonta’s. The pizza was passable, but nothing to write home about… uh… well, maybe. Just to make sure that the next time I’m hungry for pizza in Greeley, I try someplace else. It had very weird spicings in the sauce. The crust was super thin, and I’m not sure they’ve heard of something called YEAST. So, I didn’t mind at all scraping the topping off and eating just that. Low-carb to the rescue!

I’m in the Rainbow Motel. They were out of singles, so I got a double. It’s $48/night (after taxes), and the extra bed is great as a place to put all my stuff.

It’s exceedingly 1950s, as you can see:

Well… after that picture, what more can I say? Later, blog.

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Friday, June 25, 2004

I’m in Iowa City, Iowa in a TraveLodge. It’s about 49 degrees… hayfork escaping the summer heat. Tomorrow night, I should be in the Colorado Rockies. I’ve been zipping across the country… once I get to Colorado, I’ll slow down and start seeing the sites. I decided to skip South Dakota to save a day of driving.

The only “sight-seeing” I’ve done soar was to stop at Mississippi Rapids, at the Illinois-Iowa state line. I got pictures of a tugboat pushing an ISLAND under a bridge over the Mississippi River. The secret is finally out! We now know where islands come from! Here’s a picture:

It’s kind of funny… until I saw the picture on the computer, I didn’t really know what the barge’s load looked like. From far away, it looked like it was pushing a little section of land with grass and several small mountains.

Last night, I was in a tiny place called North Lima, Ohio. Let me tell you about North Lima. It’s about 10 miles North of Lima, Ohio. Fair enough. But it’s also180 miles EAST of Lima. What genius came up with THAT?

Since N. Lima is4 miles north of Columbiana, perhaps calling it North Columbiana might not have been a bad idea… eh?

Oh, well…

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Monday, June 21, 2004

Heavy lifting is done. Now, to get ready for TLD. Tooooo much to do.

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Sunday, June 20, 2004

Very very busy weekend. Went to wedding, Belgian restaurant, Prince William Forest Park –twice (once for campfire singalong and once to retrieve Katie & Kelly), went to amazing Harry Potter service at MV Unitarian Church, took my mom & dad to King’s Buffet for Father’s Day… AND I updated 9 issues of Working Smarter newsletters. That still leaves reviewing 101 pages of regression results tomorrow morning and getting the affordability report into some kind of non-embarrassing shape for turning over to KC tomorrow AND packing for TLD. Sheesh.

Too much goin’ on.

This new wireless keyboard is very weird. I’m not sure if I can get used to the editing keys layout. The damn delete key is TOO big, the End key is illogically placed, the Insert key is VERY illogically out of place, etc. But, maybe using it will keep my brain on its toes… so to speak.

Time for sleep… perchance to dream… of… hmmm…

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