Week of August 01, 2004

August 1, 2004 16:37 – 16:37

Saturday, August 07, 2004

11:29 PM

The really cool thing about having a xanga that nobody reads (not even I) is that I can write whatever I like, and nobody will ever know! Yeeha!

Just got out of the hot tub. Hopefully, that after-spa-glow will hit me soon so I can drift off into dreamland. Hopefully…

I survived the first partial week of you-know-who having a driver’s license. She & hp will be spending next Saturday night at a DYSC meeting in Frederick, MD. Meanwhile, Karen will be in Ohio for a class reunion. Gee. All alone on a Saturday night. Now, that doesn’t happen very often. What shall I do to while away the hours? I wonder if there are any open mics that night…

I suspect that this will be the last potential-open-windows night for a while. I wonder why it is that the coolest nights always seem to happen on Friday and Saturday… when there’s extra outside noise around that makes having the windows open less than perfect… cars screeching their tires, morons setting off illegal fireworks, vehicles booming loud bass, vandals vandalizing the streetlamps… <sigh> Why can the cool summer nights happen on Mondays?

Tonight, while Katie & Courtney were watching The Notebook, Karen & I rented Confidence. It was quite quite good, although I managed to figure out a key plot element a bit too soon. I constantly spoil movies for myself, which makes mysteries and thrillers a little less mysterious and thrilling. Maybe that’s why I prefer romantic comedies and French movies. In romantic comedies, while there’s seldom a deep dark mystery, at least there are funny lines I’ve never heard before, and touching dialog and moments that make me <sniff><sniff> for joy. And, of course, with French movies, nobody ever knows what’s going to happen, so they’re always ing and ing.

Wow. 11:27 already. I wonder if Cinderella will make it back to her house before the coach turns back into a pumpkin.

Friday, August 06, 2004

11:23 PM

This damn project really sucks the life and spirit out of me. It leaves no time or energy for anything else. By the time the so-called workday ends (as if it ever ends), I’m totally drained and wasted.

As long as I’m doing this consulting crap, I won’t have any time, inspiration or energy for writing any new songs. Man, this sucks.

We went to Sala Thai tonight to hear Carol Gaylor. She’s quite good, although I was really really too tired to be there. I sang a few of my songs, and joined them (a guy named “Doc” is Carol’s partner) for a few of theirs. With this project, it’s very hard to find energy for anything else.

The food at Sala Thai isn’t bad, but it’s not the best, either. My sister had a lot of her friends there, as well. I’ve met many of them before, but frankly only recognized one of them. My memory for faces is awful.

It’s amazing what you might find lurking in your kitchen cabinet!

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

6:49 PM

For exercise today, I rode into northern Alexandria & back. To Alex ain’t no big deal. & back, however, involves Westgrove, Mason Hill and Windmill. Either Westgrove *or* the Mason Hill/Windmill hill is bad enough. But, both on the same HOT HOT day is not fun.

The theory is that when you ride a bike on a hot day, it’s okay because of the constant breeze. However, when you crawl up a big hill at -3MPH, there ain’t no breeze. In fact, it’s the opposite of breeze. That’s right… it sucks.

Oh, well… at least I got out & about and got my blood circulating.

I’ve decided to start a new trend. Rhetorical answers. Here’s one:

Because potatoes lack the proper attitude.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

1:49 PM

I ran over to Huntley Meadows… Katie drove and met me there. She tried to call Kelly to see if she wanted to join us, but nobody answered the phone. Oh, well… Speaking of Kelly…

We walked the circuit, but a group of EXTREMELY NOISY kids from Children’s Discovery something-or-‘nother (apparently, their discovery mission doesn’t include discovering wildlife or quietness) had already done an excellent job of frightening just about anything living away.

Still, on the path we saw a very cute caterpillar that looked kind of like a catfish, a tiny land-toad, and a lizard of some kind. Flutterbys were also plentiful. I guess they can’t hear.

Here are a few pix.

Sunday, August 01, 2004

7:43 PM

Today, I went to the memorial service for Ernie Simpson, Steven Simpson’s father. It’s sad to get to know someone only after they’ve died.

Ernie was involved in IBEW for many years, as was my uncle, Paul Askew. Paul died about 10 years ago, but it’s very likely that he and Ernie were acquainted, perhaps even friends. At one point, I believe my uncle was president of the Virginia branch of IBEW. He was also involved at the national level.

Steven’s whole world is changing. Not only has his father died, but he and his mother are moving to Arizona in a couple of weeks, where Steven will be going to school. It must be dizzying to have everything upended all at once like that.

Earlier today, I sang We’re Not Alone at MVUC. Two people–one of whom owns a copy of my CD–told me this was the first time they’d ever heard that song. I’m positive that the one who has my CD has indeed heard it–at concerts and at other church services.

But, I do the same thing… hear something without really hearing it. It’s amazing how you can hear something a number of times, but only really listen and take it in when there’s a context for it, as there was today.

Today, an astronomer named Dave Sanders spoke about the origin and future of the Universe. Dave is from the U. of Hawaii, and was a member of MVUC for many years. Although… today was the first time I’d ever seen/heard him. Alas, he was besieged with people after the service, so I didn’t get to talk with him. Oh, well.

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