Making stuff up…

December 26, 2006 17:01 – 17:01

There’s an article in today’s Slate that says, among other things, that’s it’s okay that Kwanza is a “made-up” holiday. Fair enough. But, what I want to know is exactly which holidays aren’t made up?

Calling Kwanza a made-up holiday is a bit like Santa Claus chastising the Easter Bunny for being fictional. All of our holidays are “made-up.”

We’re humans. That’s what we do. We make stuff up. Sometimes, we try to convince others that the things we make up were created by mysterious divine entities in order to give the stuff we make up more authority and to seem more important than the stuff made up by others. But, at the end of the day, we humans created each and every holiday and occasion we celebrate. Some were made up 40 years ago, others 400 years ago, and still other 4,000 years ago. Just because Kwanza was made up more recently than other holidays doesn’t make it any less celebration-worthy.

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