Brain? Or No Brain?

January 27, 2007 10:06 – 10:06

Thanks to the following link, now I understand:

I stumbled across that show when we were on vacation, watched for 2 or 3 minutes, then changed the channel because I couldn’t figure out what it was about. I was thinking I might have to watch a complete show to figure it out. Thanks to that link, I now understand the show perfectly. It took less than a minute, and I’m now $202,000 richer. Where’s my check?

So, now, when I stumble across that show, I won’t have to change the channel after 2 or 3 minutes because I can’t figure out what it’s about. Instead, I can change the channel immediately because I now know what the show is about.

If brainless shows like that are on in prime time, why aren’t intelligent game shows like Jeopardy? The popularity of DOND says a lot about the American television viewing audience.

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