1.5 inches of fresh powder

February 7, 2007 09:03 – 09:03

From up here, it looks like about 1.5 inches, tops. Yet, it was enough to convince FCPS to close schools today. Wimps. To be fair, all of the other suburban counties closed today, too. Only the urban ones—DC, Alexandria, and Arlington—didn’t close. And those are opening two hours late.

This the view from my office window at 8:30 this morning


I can’t find my Canon CD, so I haven’t installed the stitch application. So, this is about the best I can do using SnagIt. I suppose I could have shot the pictures manually so that the exposure didn’t change from different angles. But, I don’t feel like opening the window again.

This is the first pure snow we’ve had in years. Just about every snow event we get here has sleet, rain, or freezing rain along for the ride. As this clipper came through though, the temperatures were in the upper teens. It would have taken a real sharp layer—and close to the surface—to make this one anything other than snow. Still, I expect to see green grass showing through by later today. Even with temperatures forecast to stay below 30°F, the sun and compacting promise to do a number on the snow as the ground heats up ever so slightly.

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