Durham, NC

February 17, 2007 21:54 – 21:54

We’re in Durham, NC. We thought it might be fun to bop down and give a listen to the minister whose complaint led to the resignation of you-know-who. If you don’t know who, tough. In any case, we’re going to Eno River UU tomorrow. The sermon is about family values. When I told Katie, she thought I’d said “Emo River.” Apt enough, I say.

ERUU is huge. It has something like 615 members, and a sprawling campus. Karen & I drove by after dinner (Bullock’s BBQ) tonight. The BBQ was unremarkable, IMO. It’s much like Parker’s in taste and presentation, but with a few differences. It’s much larger than Parkers, Bullock’s has French fries, and Bullock’s has actual hush puppies that are delicious, compared to Parker’s corn sticks, which have to be NC’s equivalent of mazzo. The BBQ and chicken are essentially identical, however, and not especially good. No smoky flavor at all. Three Pigs in McLean has much better BBQ, as does Johnny Boy’s in La Plata. One does wonder, though, if NC’s BBQ might have been inspired long ago by whoever inspired the Lechoneras in Puerto Rico.

We’re at the Comfort Inn Research Triangle Park in Durham. There’s free wireless internet, and the signal strength is pretty good.

So, tomorrow, we’ll head either to the 9:15 or 11:15 service—depending on how late we sleep. Then, we’ll catch an art museum, and decide how to head back to the DC area. I originally thought maybe we’d head up via Salisbury. Now, however, I’m not so sure. That’s a long way around, and I’m not sure I want to spend 6 to 8 hours driving. I guess we shall see.

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