PowerSpec T470

March 3, 2007 00:03 – 00:03

I ultimately decided on the PowerSpec T470. Micro Center was offering a $100 rebate, which brought it down close enough to the 1730. What finally convinced me was the rebate, plus the fact that the HP contains a number of proprietary parts that make repairs exceedingly expensive.


Unfortunately, the T470’s GeForce 7300GT is not without problems. Namely, the 97.46 driver that is “current” for Vista causes video crashes when running Aero Glass. So do the 100.64 and 100.65 drivers from nVidia. Ultimately, by turning Aero Glass off (running in Vista Basic display), the 100.64 driver allows me to run without crashing.


On the positive front, the Word 2007 Bible appears to actually be shipping. I haven’t seen a copy of the finished book yet. If you have, please let me know. I’m eager to see how it turned out. I’ll publish my errata here, just as soon as I have the book and can start erraticizing it.

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