SharePoint Designer 2007 Website Login Problem

March 3, 2007 18:19 – 18:19

Who woulda thunk?

I’ve just spent the past several hours wrestling with a problem. Using SPD 2007, I couldn’t log on using FP Extension to or to from the new computer (T470). The identical login credentials worked fine logging onto the control panel, as well as when logging via FTP.

I spent hours poring over internet messages and help sites. Nothing. Then, in the public newsgroups, I stumbled upon a clue.

The symptom was that each time I tried to log on from SPD 2007, it would repeatedly prompt for my name and password, although I was sure that my password was correct. At the same time, it was working fine from the old computer. Except…

I was wrong. It turned out that when lunarpages forced me to change passwords a few months ago, the password for FP Extensions did not change, while everything else did. Plugging in the older password, I was able to verify this. Why was it working on the old computer? Because it was cached.

Finally, I was then able to synchronize the different passwords by reinstalling FP Extensions on the server. Now, all is well… maybe.

I’m blogging this so I don’t forget the next time it happens.

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