Haverhill, MA Comfort

May 5, 2007 21:33 – 21:33

We’re at the Comfort Suites in Haverhill, MA. We were planning to stay at a house from vrbo.com up in Salem, NH. But, it turned out to be not worth the $1,000 it would’ve cost. Plus, it was about 10 miles round trip from the main road, which would’ve made coming & going a bit of a pain. We’ll try searching the internet for an alternative.

The Haverhill Comfort is pretty old itself. But, the internet and A/C both work. The desk chair is quite rickety. I’m hoping it doesn’t collapse.

Today, we went into Boston and picked up Katie and then Heather and went to a Thai restaurant called Smile Thai Café. The food was good. It was fun meeting Heather. Heather also goes to ASC, is from Leominster, MA, and is finishing her 1st year at Simmons College. She’s exceedingly nice, well-grounded, and has a good sense of humor. It’s great that Katie has such wonderful friends.

Tomorrow, we get to slow down and start taking some pictures. None so far for this trip.

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