The Shamrock Likker Stoar

May 7, 2007 23:54 – 23:54


We got a very late start this morning. I called to make 2 pm reservations to see the Zimmerman house in Manchester. We got to Manchester at about 1 and decided to get salads at McDonald’s. McDonald’s has this sign that advertises their southwest salad, “fried or grilled”, $3.99. That’s what Karen ordered.

They then tried to jack the price up by saying they’d forgotten to charge for the chicken. We point to the sign, which indicates that the price includes the chicken. They said that it didn’t. So, I asked “If the price doesn’t include the chicken, then what does “fried or grilled’ refer to?” They then had the audacity to say “I’m sorry if you’re confused.”

“I’m not confused,” I replied. “I can read your sign. If anyone is confused, it’s you.”

They didn’t charge the extra bait-and-switch fee. The salads were actually pretty good. I had the grilled chicken Caesar. It’s the first non-breakfast food I’ve had from McDonald’s that I actually liked. I just logged onto McDonald’s website and filed a complaint.

Zimmerman House

The Zimmerman house was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, and built around 1950. It’s a usonian house, similar to Kentuck Knob in PA.

The mail box

After the tour, we walked past this cute little shoppe.

Building 19-1/20

After the Zimmerman house, we decided to visit a Building 19 branch that’s in Manchester. It was Building 19-1/20 (or 19.05). Pretty junky. We weren’t tempted.

Winnekenni Castle

There’s this castle in Haverhill, MA. We decided to go walk around its lakes. The castle was built by James Nichols around 1875 as a summer home for his family.

Athens Pizza

After the castle, we decided to have pizza for dinner. Booze in Mass is sold at likker stoars. We went to this place called the Shamrock Likker Stoar and bought some Stella Artois. Next, we stopped by Athens Pizza—across the road from the Comfort Suites—and ordered pizza and a Greek salad. The delivered it to the Comfort when it was done. Mass pizza is the best pizza in the world. Light crispy crust. Tangy sauce, and deliciously fresh mozzarella, maybe blended with some kind of soft Greek cheese. Yum.

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