The Road to Burlington (Vermont)

May 8, 2007 22:42 – 22:42

We’re at the Smart Suites in Burlington, VT. The layout is nice, but the living room/kitchen area is un-air conditioned. Its cooling off depends upon the bedroom air conditioner’s ability to cool both.

Jake D’s Roast Beef

Out of the gate, we’d skipped breakfast, so we were hungry for lunch. We stopped at Jake D’s Roast Beef in Derry, NH for lunch. They’re a bit more generous with the rare roast beef than Nick’s was, although the sandwiches weren’t quite as flavorful. Their French fries were better, though.

Sunapee – Lake and Mountain!

Back on the road, we decided to drive around Lake Sunapee in central NH. Unfortunately, I didn’t see a good place to stop. Had I stopped, you’d see some pictures of snow! Mt. Sunapee is still partially snow-covered—which I found surprising, due to its being only 2,608 feet high. I imagine that the snow will be gone in another month or so, especially with temperatures like today’s. It reached about 85 throughout most of the areas we traversed in NH and VT today.

Ben and Jerry’s Factory Tour

The only pictures I took today were at Ben & Jerry’s. We stopped in Waterbury, VT and took the factory tour. To my surprise, they charge for the tour. I remember back in the 70s and 80s when factory tours were free… including samples. The free samples were all of this horrible flavor called Banana on the Run… which is vanilla ice cream flavored with bananas and rum flavoring (without the alcohol). It was sickeningly sweet. Can you tell that I’m not a big fan of B&J’s ice cream? As a rule, I don’t like a lot of junk in my ice cream. Nuts are great. But, candy, cookies, cookie dough, etc…. those are for someone else.

Tuscan Kitchen

After checking into Smart Suites, we decided to head a mile back up the road to Tuscan Kitchen for dinner. We both started with the Caesar salad, which was good. For entrees, Karen had the seafood ravioli, and I had the veal parmesan (of course). The former was quite good. The latter was very pedestrian. Their sauce was boring and unremarkable. We washed it down with a half litre of the house red, which was sangiovese. It was also okay.

They have a large wood-burning brick oven that they use to heat all their entrees. I was intrigued by the pizzas. If we stay in this area for a few more days, we might try their pizza to see how it is.

Smart Suites (Hot)

The layout of the room is pretty good. There’s a kitchen and living room area—workspace and dining space aplenty, as well as an oven, range, dishwasher, full-sized fridge, and a microwave. The bedroom has two double beds. The bathroom is a split design, with the crapper & bathtub in one room, and the sink/vanity in the area that connects the bath & bedroom. I just now took some pictures so I can memorialize the scene.

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