From Burlington to Augusta

May 10, 2007 22:47 – 22:47

Today, we drove from Burlington, VT to Augusta, Maine. In St. Johnsbury, we stopped to say “Hello” to Robert Burns.

Going through the White Mountains, we saw a nifty looking castle, as well as some white stuff that could easily pass for snow. Some was close enough to touch, although most remained at an “adrmired from” distance.

For dinner, we decided to go back to Hattie’s, in Hallowell, Maine. The shrimp had an ammoniated taste. I hope we don’t get sick. We’d had the Shipyard ale on a previous visit, we thought, and we had it again tonight. It wasn’t cold enough, and it was sickeningly sweet. All in all, Hattie’s wasn’t nearly as good as we remembered.

Tonight, we’re at the Comfort Inn in Augusta (room 134). I think this might be the same room we had last time. But, I didn’t blog that detail, so I can’t be sure.

Tomorrow, we’re going to drive east towards the Atlantic in search of one of those cute little roadside lobster places. They usually have an operation where they’re boiling or steaming lobsters. They sell you a couple of lobsters and furnish some melted butter, and you eat it at a picnic table.

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