Augusta to Portsmouth

May 12, 2007 22:12 – 22:12

Today, we drove from Augusta, Maine to Portsmouth, NH, via Hallowell, Wiscasset, and Portland. First off, we decided to park in Hallowell and visit the shops. Hallowell seemingly is known for two things: Slate’s (a restaurant) and antiques.

Slate’s burned down (largely… but it’s brick, so it didn’t burn to the ground) on February 28, 2007. Slate’s was a primary draw for Hallowell, attracting at least a thousand visitors a week during the summer. They’re rebuilding, but in the meantime, the whole town is suffering the loss.

Hallowell is also known for antiques. About half of the 30 or so shops there carry antiques. There are also several galleries, jewelry stores, Slate’s Bakery, and a pottery. We visited a number of the shops, and Karen bought several trinkets.

Leaving Hallowell, we had both independently decided that Red’s Eats in Wiscasset (which we’d driven through the previous day) should be our lunch stop. Here’s why:

Apparently, a lot of people agree. Even at $17 apiece (high prices due to lobster shortage), people line up for them. Today’s line was short. The lobster rolls lived up to their well-deserved reputation/

After Red’s we set our sights on Portland, to visit the Institute of Contemporary Art. There were some exceedingly strange pieces on display. One consisted of 12 buckets of dirty water. Another consisted of close-up video of someone who seemed paranoid. Still another included a bunch of table tops, which we had to walk across to get to another room, in which the table legs had been attached to a wall, and were all sticking out roughly parallel to the floor.

After leaving ICA, we headed for the Fore River Sanctuary. Un-fore-tunately, the path into it was far too muddy (due to heavy rains the day before). So, all we did was drive up to it. It’s supposed to be the site of Maine’s only waterfall.

Leaving Portland, we headed for the Comfort Inn in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. We chose here because it’s fairly close to the UU church, which we plan to attend tomorrow at 10 am. We’re up on the 5th floor, which is an improvement over last night, where there were lots of kids yelling and stamping both in the hallway as well as above us.

For dinner, we decided to go to the highly recommended Warren’s Lobster House across the river in Kittery, Maine. Plus, we had a $10 coupon. Karen had the fried clams and scallops. I had the lobster-stuffed haddock. Both were excellent, as was the well-provisioned salad bar. Not only did it have 4 different kinds of lettuce, but it had real bacon bits and good salad dressings.

For my grammar fiendish daughter, I took a picture of Warren’s giant brand new outdoor sign. Clearly, they know about apostrophes. Perhaps they could afford just the one.

After Warren’s we scoped out the UU church. It’s in the center of Portsmouth. There’s a parking lot, fortunately. It belongs to a bank, but I can’t see them minding a bunch of UUs parking there on Sunday morning.

We then came back to the Comfort. I decided to walk to a nearby strip mall. There aren’t a lot of stores there, but I did manage to replenish my supply of nose-friendly shampoo and deodorant soap.

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