Chinese writing predates the Earth!!!

May 18, 2007 21:47 – 21:47

According to a BBC science news story published today,, Chinese writing is thousands of years older than previously thought, and by implication actually predates the Earth itself!

Chinese archaeologists studying ancient rock carvings say they have evidence that modern Chinese script is thousands of years older than previously thought.

State media say researchers identified more than 2,000 pictorial symbols dating back 8,000 years, on cliff faces in the north-west of the country.

They say many of these symbols bear a strong resemblance to later forms of ancient Chinese characters.

As we all know from the scholarly work of James Ussher, the Anglican Archbishop of Armagh, God created the Earth on October 23, 4004 BC, or just under 6,012 years ago. Since Chinese writing is over 8,000 years old, this exciting new finding answers a lot of those age-old questions, such as Where did God come from? Obviously, we now have the answer: the Chinese created God.

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