Boston & Environs

September 2, 2007 23:49 – 23:49

On the way up, Katie & I saw an interesting set of, uh, ornaments, on a pickup truck. It takes real, um, chutzpah. Yeah. That’s the word.

Today, Karen & I had lunch at the Clam Box of Ipswich. It was good, but not better than the Hingham Lobster Pound. The line & wait were quite long.

After lunch, we headed to the Parker River NWR, but the line to get in was too long, since it appears that that’s also how you access the beaches. So, we settled for driving around Plum Island. While there, we saw something decidedly cute.

Thereafter, we drove to Boston & picked up Katie for additional shopping, ice cream at Kimball Farm Ice Cream (in Carlisle, MA). The portions there are huge. We also went to Building 19-1/2 where Katie found a couple more things she was looking for, but not everything.

Semi-finally, we drove to the Longfellow Wayside Inn near Lincoln, but it was full. There was a drunk whom they threw out, who was trying to drive away. They detained him as best they could while waiting for the police. As we left, two police cars—lights flashing—arrived at the scene.

We took the LWI person’s advice and headed up the road to the Wildwood Inn. Karen & I had the prime rib. Mine was overcooked, and they brought me a new one. It was a little closer to medium, but still not quite right. Katie’s chicken & Karen’s prime rib seemed to have been better prepared.

Following that, we took Katie home, helped her take some cardboard to the dumpster, took a couple of pictures of her in her new apartment, and then headed back for Haverhill.

Tomorrow morning, I’ll take Karen to the airport, and then head back to Virginia.

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