Monday, October 8, 2007: Boston to Augusta

October 11, 2007 21:07 – 21:07

We left Boston Monday afternoon at about 4, after dropping Katie back at her apartment. We picked her up after she went to lunch with the YA group from ASC. Unfortunately, we hadn’t bargained on the Columbus Day parade, which produced a number of road closures. We were supposed to pick her up at 1:30, and finally managed to pick her up around 2:15.

We left Boston and promptly headed to Walden Pond. It was drizzling slightly at that point, and only began to rain in earnest once we were walking around the pond. The day was gray and cold, but the pond itself was about 70°F, producing the effect of steam rising.

While there, we encountered this dude who swims every day in the pond. He says that in the winter, he has to bring a club to whack a hole in the ice.

Following Walden Pond, we set a course for Kimball Farm Ice Cream in Carlisle, MA. Kimball has 4 locations. The Carlisle location closes for the season (who knew there was an ice cream season) on October 14th. The other locations have different schedules. In any event, Katie discovered Kimball when visiting Heather. They’d gone to the Westford location (which Diana doesn’t seem to know about). They also have locations in Jaffrey, NH and Saco, ME. Their claim to fame is enormous portions at low prices – maybe even larger and cheaper than Toft’s, in northern Ohio.

After leaving Kimball, we did a fair amount of driving-around looking at leaves, but basically set a course for Costco in Waltham. The agenda was to buy Katie a whole wild salmon. Their seafood road show, however, wasn’t extended to Monday, so I bought her a large piece of their normal salmon. While there, she also acquired a new jacket and some other stuffs.

We dropped Katie at her apartment at 16h, then headed up to Augusta. We’d made a reservation at the Comfort (see lost toothbrush). We also were going to have dinner at Hattie’s in Hallowell, Maine. They have excellent lobstah and other kinds of chowdah. Alas, they were closed for some sort of event. So, we instead decided to stop at a Garmin Roulette offering in Brunswick, called Morse Lobster (the wharf location described in the article doesn’t exist anymore). Now housed in an old drive-in, it was quite cool. We both had lobster and a couple of Shipyards on draft.

Following dinner, we drove the additional 40 minutes or so up to Augusta. We’ve stayed at that Comfort several times in the past, but I’d forgotten the unique layout of the lobby. It’s split with a recessed coffee area as you go in. It’s not 100% convenient for entering with a luggage cart, but, it’s kind of cute. There’s also a 99 restaurant next door, where I believe Karen & I ate once before. The food was surprisingly excellent that time.

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