Thursday, October 11, 2007: Belfast to Biddeford

October 11, 2007 22:29 – 22:29

We got under way from Belfast at about 11 this morning, after a breakfast of Hannaford’s sausages and eggs. We first decided to stop at the Hannaford in Belfast and the Job Lots next door to it. Hannaford is the regional grocery chain that sort-of like Giant in the DC area. From Hannaford, we procured two sixpacks of Shipyard Export ale. From Job Lots, I bought a couple of sets of quite nifty knives, some needed kitchen utensils, and some cutting pads for Katie. If we can time things right, we’ll drop the knives, pads, and another surprise or two off at Katie’s. Otherwise, we’ll mail them.

Leaving Belfast, we set a course for the Center for Maine Contemporary Art in Rockland, Maine. They had some cool & weird stuff. They were having an art show. It was all overpriced, naturally. One interesting piece, however, was a bunch of copper scrubbing pads all joined into a full-sized gown. Quite odd it was.

Next door to the CMCA, there was this really cool house:

From Rockland, we set a course to Red’s Eats in Wiscasset. They have the best lobster rolls in Maine. We went there our last trip to Maine back in September. They close for the season on October 15th. It seemed that there were a lot of people cognizant of that fact, and they were lined up. It took about 45 minutes to place our order. We sat and shivered and ate our lobster rolls, overlooking the Sheepscot River.

We finished eating at about 3, and then made our way down to Biddeford, arriving here at about 4:30. We’re at the Comfort Suites. After checking in, we decided to take a ride to the University of New England, to see what it was like. It has a library that looks a lot like the registration & administration building at Brandeis.

Leaving there, we made our way to Biddeford Pool. Biddeford Pool is a community that juts out into the Atlantic. There’s also a basin to the west of the “town” that’s also called Biddeford Pool. Along the coast is the Rachel Carson Wildlife Sanctuary, as well as something called the East Point Sanctuary. There’s also a humongous Catholic retreat center called Marie Joseph Spiritual Center. It’s also a convent.

After finishing at the Pool, we decided to have salad and pizza for dinner, so we could test out our Shipyard ale. We headed back to the Comfort to put a couple of Shipyards on ice, as well as to ask The Googles of the Internets about the best pizza in Biddeford. After a little bit of Googling, it was determined that it was between Pizza by Alex and TJ’s pizza. Despite a natural preference for something called TJ’s, the hands-down winner seemed to be Alex’s. Many, in fact, have said that Alex’s is not only the best pizza in Biddeford, but the best pizza in Maine, and perhaps the best pizza anywhere.

If I’ve had better pizza, I don’t remember from where. I’m a believer. Pizza by Alex probably is the absolutely best pizza anywhere. The pizza from Armand’s Chicago Style, as they made it 25 years ago, might’ve been as good – albeit quite different. But, these days, Armand’s has slipped considerably, so I’d have to give Alex’s the edge. We shall return.

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