Tuesday, October 9, 2007: Augusta to Belfast

October 11, 2007 21:18 – 21:18

Tuesday, October 9, 2007: Augusta to Belfast

Tuesday morning, we set a course for Darby’s in Belfast, Maine. On the way through Augusta, we stopped at a head shop called Cosmic Charlie’s. While Karen looked at earrings, I decided to take a few pictures.

The Olde Federal Building

After Augusta, we drove to Darby’s, in Belfast. I had the lobster roll, and Karen had a grilled cheese & bacon sandwich. I won.

We decided to stay in Belfast, rather than joining the trapped tourists further up the road in Bar Harbor. We drove to Seascape Motel & Cottages, but they had a sign up saying they’d be back in 15 minutes. So, we bopped across the road to Colonial Acres Motel & Cottages, and got a cottage overlooking Penobscot Bay (the Atlantic Ocean).

Here’s the view from our front porch:

On the way to the cottages, there’s a bridge across an inlet of Penobscot Bay. It’s supposed to have one of the best views in Maine. We couldn’t find a place to park, however, so we settled for walking across the footbridge, shown below.

The footbridge’s views weren’t awful, either.

The above is a sculpture made of old junk at the beginning of the footbridge.

It’s probably hard to tell…. But the little spots surrounding this bird were from him shaking himself and water droplets spraying around.

Earlier in the day, I spotted some odd looking cattle. It turns out that they’re called “belted Galloways.”

At one point, we turned into some kind of country club to make a U turn. It said PRIVATE, so we turned… but, not before taking pictures of this fellow.

Back in Belfast, we had dinner at Young’s Lobster Pound. You order your lobsters downstairs, then take them upstairs to eat. They have a huge room filled with picnic tables. While waiting, I internetted. When it came time to go down and fetch the lobsters and clams, I tripped coming up the stairs, and spilled my clams on the stairs. They still looked basically okay… so I ate them anyway. These were steamed in the shells, and none of the edible parts made contact with the metal stairs. The reason I tripped is that each step overhangs the one lower, creating a perfect place for your toe to catch as you go upstairs.

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