Wednesday, October 10, 2007: Belfast to Bar Harbor and Back

October 11, 2007 21:36 – 21:36

While here, we’ve subscribed to Blue Streak for internet service. It’s $4.95 per day. National Access (100k) is slow enough that I decided to go for Blue Streak, too. It’s not amazingly fast, but it’s faster than 100k.

I decided to go for a walk while Karen was tending to matters. So, I walked to the bridge we saw yesterday, and back… about 6 miles. When I got back, we decided to head to Bar Harbor to see the galleries, etc.

On the way to Bar Harbor, we stopped for lunch at Angler’s Restaurant. We had… drumroll… lobster rolls. They were quite good. The place was filled with retirees – ranging in age from the 60s to the 80s. There were even several women with blue hair. I kid you not. I’d show pictures, but it would’ve been rude to take any. I did take a picture of the front of the restaurant, though.

Angler’s is right next door to… scary music…:

After Angler’s we continued on towards Bar Harbor. Near Verona, there’s a place where Route 3 crosses the Penobscot River.

There is this amazing bridge that has a 3-level observation tower. We decided not to do the obs tower, but instead stopped at the scenic overlook to cast our peepers on the bridge.

Others were enjoying photographing the view, too:

And what a view it was!

Bar Harbor was extremely crowded and busy. I didn’t take any pictures there. We went into a variety of shops, however, and emerged with our dignity. We had decided to have dinner again at Young’s. I needed to stop at Wal-Mart, however, to try to buy a replacement toothbrush. I left my good Braun Oral B at the Augusta Comfort, and they seem to have thrown it away rather than keeping it for lost & found. L I found a pretty good replacement for under $5.

Back on the road, we decided to have dinner at the Weathervane in Augusta instead of at Young’s. Good think for my dignity, since I’d probably have tripped again. There, we had the fantail shrimp & scallops. They were quite good. The waiter, however, was another story. She brought us Pinot Grigio instead of the Pinot Noir we’d ordered. When Karen pointed out the error, the waiter said “Are you sure?” Yes, we’re sure. Pinot Noir is red… Pinot Grigio is white. In fine style, however, the waiter proceeded to blame it on someone else for having poured us the wrong wine, but we then heard her asking her manager “What do I do with this other wine? Pour it back in the bottle I got it from?”

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