Another step closer to ditching IE7

November 22, 2007 10:37 – 10:37

Not that I could really ever completely zap IE7 (still need it for many Microsoft sites, for some strange reason), but one of my major remaining uses for IE7 was for reading RSS feeds. Nothing I’d tried for Firefox gave me the same kind of utility. Yet… the inability of IE7 to properly zoom CSS-imprisoned fonts made reading some feeds visually difficult, such as those from WTOP. WTOP suffers from the belief that everybody is able to read their miniscule fonts. Or rather, people with limited vision suffer from WTOP’s web person’s limited vision of a different kind. But, I digress.

As of today, IE7 as my feed reader is history. I’ve discovered Wizz RSS, which has a lovely add-in for Firefox. Firefox RSS add-ins I’d tried previously didn’t “think” like I do. Hence, they were ergonomically unacceptable. Wizz RSS, while not perfect, comes a lot closer.

Why “not perfect”? Here’s why, and it doesn’t apply to every feed… just some feeds. Notice below that Dilbert is selected at the left, but the pane at the right is blank.

For most feeds, when I click at the left, the selected item is downloaded and populates the main window. For my comic feeds, however, while the description pane gets populated (the description pane is hidden here, and would show up under the pane that shows a list of items within the selected feed, but is unacceptably small and uses too much of the Wizz sidebar’s real estate), the right window doesn’t get populated unless I click on the item and choose Item Link.

I haven’t found a setting that will remedy this… but, since all other items get rendered correctly (as defined by me), I’m ahead of the game in comparison with IE7, in which obtaining a readable text size is a constant battle, and one I have to refight each time I read RSS feeds.

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