Tuscaloosa to New Orleans

January 1, 2008 01:20 – 01:20

We’re in Kenner, Louisiana, just outside of New Orleans. Last night, we were in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Alabama is a strange place. We had decided to eat at a seafood restaurant, but found that it and several alternatives were closed. Yes, it was Sunday night, but these were popular restaurants. As we saw more and more closed restaurants, we figured that maybe Tuscaloosa is just one of those roll-up-the-sidewalks-at-6 places.

After going bust looking for something local, we finally decided to go to Olive Garden. Yes, it was open. But, when Karen tried to order red wine to go with dinner, we were informed that they couldn’t serve wine on Sundays. What???

I Googled a little and quickly discovered that there appear to be a number of communities in Alabama that don’t allow alcohol sales on Sunday. Never mind that it’s an unconstitutional endorsement of certain religions. In Tuscaloosa, it’s the law. Googling, I learned that some places have voted to allow sales of alcohol on Sunday, but it’s taking a while to get there. Virginia & Massachusetts both had Sunday Blue Laws back before the 1980s. I guess it’s just taking Alabama a little longer.

The down side is that either that particular Olive Garden sucks, or it turns out that Olive Garden’s food sucks without red wine. I suspect it’s the former.

This morning, we decided to have a picnic. After cruising around Tuscaloosa taking a lot of pictures, we hit a Publix & bought a mojo rotisserie chicken & some muenster cheese. We headed for Bowers park, found ourselves a picnic table, and then hit the road.

Tonight, however, Karen did get her seafood. We went to this place called Harbor Seafood and Oyster Bar about a mile from the hotel (our 3rd Country Inn & Suites of the trip). The Internets told me that it would be crowded. But, apparently, arriving at 15 minutes before closing on New Year’s Eve is a way to avoid the crowds. In any case, they have excellent fried seafood, and their draft Apita isn’t bad, either.

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