Peabody, Mass

July 5, 2008 23:09 – 23:09

We’re at the Springhill Suites in Peabody, Massachusetts. We left home at about 9:45 am and reached Katie’s apartment at just before 7 pm. Traffic was mostly okay, although we did lose perhaps 10 minutes or so due to an accident in Maryland.

The tire pressure light keeps coming on in the Sienna. The tires appear to be just fine. But, I guess appearances can be deceiving. On Monday, if it’s still happening, I’ll take it to a Toyota dealer in Maine and see what they say.

We had dinner at Anna’s Taquería in Brookline. It was decent, and decidedly not McMexican. Also quite cheap. Three of us left full for less than $18.

Tomorrow, we’re going to ASC, then to Campbell’s for a frozen lunch, then to Costco. We need to do some Italian restaurant research for tomorrow night.

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