From Boston to South Portland

July 7, 2008 21:38 – 21:38

We’re in South Portland, at the Mall Comfort Inn… vegging out in preparation for getting Pizza by Alex in Biddeford for dinner tonight.

I finally uploaded some pictures from the trip to the computer.

On Sunday, we did some sightseeing with Katie, west of Boston. We went to Gropius House in Lincoln. Gropius was a Bauhaus architect who immigrated to the U.S. and built a cool house in Massachusetts in 1938. They used to have parties which were called (I am not making this up) Gropefests.

Our tour guide was a student from Syracuse.

This overhang was built at exactly the right height and size to eclipse sunlight in summer afternoons, and to let sunlight in on winter days.

Today, we revisited Biddeford Pool. This is a view overlooking the rocks off the coast of Maine.

In the other directions were wild flowers growing along the side of the road, between the road and the rocks.

Earlier, we stopped at an outlet mall in Kittery. This was in front of a candy store.

Are those tail fins? Think again.

Earlier still, we had lunch here:

You order your lobsters, then you eat them at one of the brightly colored picnic tables, overlooking the water.

Tonight, we revisited Pizza by Alex, in Biddeford. It’s still the best pizza in the world, but it would be better with beer, which they don’t serve. The founder, Alex Mantis, died this past year. His nephew is now running it.

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