Two more days in the Portland area

July 10, 2008 23:02 – 23:02

I missed blogging yesterday because I needed to do some work. Yesterday, we started out at the Portland Museum of Art. There was an exhibit of art about Georgia O’Keeffe. There were also three parts of an apple embedded in the museum wall.

I think it might be a mackintosh. On the opposite wall, you could play checkers.

Well, maybe 3/8 of a game of checkers.

The museum also had some good impressionist pieces, most of which I’d seen before, but which were nice nonetheless.

After art, we decided to head over to Bayley’s Lobster Pound for lunch. They had some pretty nice sized lobster & crab rolls. We bought two lobster rolls and decided to share a crab roll to see how it was. It was pretty darn good. They all were, in fact. Bayley’s is carryout only.

So, we drove about two blocks to the beach and enjoyed our lunch on a bench overlooking part of Casco Bay.

Unlike at Red’s Eats, there was no wait at Bayley’s, and the prices were much lower ($10, as opposed to $17). I’m not positive that Red’s has more lobster, either. Although, at Red’, the rolls were toasted (we went to Red’s for lunch today).

After lunch, we headed back into Portland to take a trolley tour.

Doug, the driver, worked as a cab driver in NYC for 24 years before retreating to Portland. He told a few funnies, and seemed to be fairly well versed in the history of Portland.

As we arrived for a stroll around the grounds at Portland Head Light, he asked “Do you know the difference between a sightseer and a hitchhiker?” None of us knew. “About two minutes,” came the reply. “Be back on the trolley in 15 minutes.”

One woman really took her time—about 30 minutes. He had to circle the drive to get her attention.

Along the way, we saw lots of pretty sights, including the central city UU church, complete with the obligatory literary quote… this one from W.W. Auden, whom I don’t know if was a UU.

Other sights included flowers.

An observation tower that is completely above ground. The base is weighted with stones to keep it in place.

Street musicians.

And other stuff.

A children’s museum, where there is a prominent display of the children of Maine, according to Doug.

The Stone Man.

Another stone man… this one being HW Longfellow.

And lunch, of course.

This guy’s hair and beard could have been bought here.

For dinner, we went to David’s Restaurant. Sharon knows the manager. Karen had the mixed grill, and I had the lobster ravioli. Both were excellent.

Today, we headed off first thing to Red’s Eats in Wiscasset. The line wasn’t too long, so we decided to brave it. The lobster rolls were good, as usual. But, sitting in the sun wasn’t fun. After Red’s, I set a course for New Gloucester, where there is a Shaker village with folk art.

After that, we headed over to the Maine Wildlife Park, which is run by the state. There are a number of caged rescued animals living there. They couldn’t survive in the wild. Otherwise, I would have been ticked. Here are some of what we saw.

For dinner tonight, we decided to try Margarita’s, on St. John. The food was excellent. Karen had the taster’s sampler. I had the original steak fajitas. We both had Shipyard on draft. All was quite good.

After dinner, we decided to do a drive-by to see the area’s three UU churches. We revisited the one downtown, then drove out to the Allen Avenue UU church. Established in 1821, it’s a low-rise building that looks very modern. I suspect it’s been rebuilt a few times. Finally, we drove by the church on Main Street in Westport. It’s a more traditional building. After that, we headed back to the Comfort Inn, where I’m now blogging. The end.

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