Do you feel $700B poorer yet?

September 20, 2008 10:33 – 10:33

For eight years, the Bush so-called “administration” has been caving to greed and nurturing deep-pocketed lobbyists and contributors. In addition to allowing them to fully pimp the environment and pilfer the treasury through lax oversight and no-bid contracts surrounding the so-called “wars” in Afghanistan and Iraq, Bush has been slowly but surely unraveling 70 years of carefully-honed law and regulation that were designed to prevent another depression from occurring. Here we stand, however, on the precipice of just such a depression.

The solution? The lender of last resort.

No… not the Federal Reserve System. It’s the American taxpayers. Yes, my friends. You and I are now being asked to foot the bill for Bush’s treating the country as if it were just another baseball team or oil company he could mismanage into morass and oblivion. So, if you want four more years of catering to greedy lobbyists and digging the mother of all debt ditches to Hell, cast your vote in November for Lobby-Lover McCain and his sharpshooter sidekick Pistol Packin’ Palin.

But… if you agree that we need a new deal rather than the crappy bottom-of-the-deck raw deal we’ve been getting for the past eight years, dial O in NObamavember.

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