Palin and Witchcraft?

September 25, 2008 08:38 – 08:38


Palin’s words-to-the-effect “I’ll get back to ya'” response to Katie Couric‘s request for specific McCain reform initiatives yesterday reminds me of Palin’s approach to a 4-year college degree—six years of meandering through five different schools. The vice presidency is a 4-year term. What’s Palin going to do? Take an incomplete? Get back to us? 

We now know what a Palin Presidency would look like — no hesitation in speculating about war with Russia, a repeat of the Great Depression… Way to inspire confidence in a time of crisis, Sarah!

But, at least she’s been anointed against witchcraft. Watch the video — Sarah appears at about the 3:40 mark. And the right wing has the audacity to talk about Obama’s minister???

Why Delay the Debate?

It’s an excuse to completely get rid of the Biden-Palin debate. As we have seen repeatedly, Sarah Palin is not ready for prime time, even if her campaign theme is Fear Factor.

On The Bailout Bill

The only surprise in all this — given that the actual cost is likely to be above $700 Billion –is that the chosen amount for the bailout bill wasn’t $911 Billion.

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