So… what’s the difference between ironic and moronic?

October 2, 2008 08:15 – 08:15

No difference, apparently.

Added to the Senate-passed 451-page bill was the following:

Many are criticizing the addition of this provision to a bill that is already too long. Yes, it’s silly to put unrelated crap into a bill that’s already way too long. But, in pseudo-fairness, the point is that these arrows are toys, and are not used in hunting. Hence, this specific tax on them is like taxing rubbing alcohol the same way gasohol is taxed–when the two are completely unrelated.

Or, put another way… it’s like including a toy arrow tax relief provision in a major bill designed to end the liquidity crisis and financial market meltdown.

You have to love this Congress for providing endless sources of irony, if nothing else.

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