Picnic Pizza in Kingston, NY—Thumbs Down

October 14, 2008 00:52 – 00:52

I did a bit of research and found that a number of folks had raved over Picnic Pizza in Kingston, NY—including several who drive many miles out of their way for Picnic’s pizzas. So, my expectations were high. I ordered my standard — pepperoni and mushroom. The crust was too thin and lacked that certain pizza-crustiness I look for. It was also burned—and more than just a little, making the crust mostly inedible. The sauce was bland—like tomato sauce with barely any seasoning. The cheese was plain mozzarella—no fresh Romano or parmesan. I actually had to ask for parmesan to add (this usually is provided automatically at most pizza joints).

It was so-so pizza at best. Next time, I’ll try Plaza Pizza, which also received rave reviews… assuming I’m ever in Kingston again. But, Picnic was no picnic.

As an aside, the manager was yelling at a delivery person. This did not help the dining experience one iota. The pizza was so-so all on its own, however. The yelling was just additional grist for a bad dining experience. The waiter person also took a good 5 minutes to bring me my check so I could leave. After I’d asked her for the check, she passed six more times before she finally brought the tab. Again, however, the pizza failed all on its own. Had it lived up to the billing, I’d be giving it stars instead of panning it… the loud television and room temperature Stella Artois notwithstanding.

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