Finally–a voter fraud arrest!

October 20, 2008 20:08 – 20:08

…but, oops! It’s the head of a signature-gathering firmed hired by the California Republican Party!

In addition, the article says:

“According to The Los Angeles Times, Jacoby’s firm was paid $7 to $12 by the CRP for each GOP voter registration signature, but dozens of voters who signed on said they were duped into registering as Republicans and thought they were signing a petition to toughen penalties against child molesters.”

So, I gather that the Republicans figure that just because they’re doing it must mean that Democrats are doing it too, eh? In any case… registering as a Republican doesn’t commit you to voting that way in the general election… just in the primary. So, this would not affect the outcome of the election. It does means that the Republicans who were paying this firm were being ripped off… and that the individual victims might have problems when the next primary rolls around. What’s that about “fool me once…“?

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