Real Virginians don’t need the subjunctive

October 23, 2008 16:50 – 16:50

This arrived in the mail today:

If the author of this were an English teacher, he’d be fired. If he were applying for a job and his résumé had this many instances of the identical mistake, I would toss it into the round file without further ado.

Aside from that, the 291 is certainly true. And it’s the third worst voting record in the senate for the period in question. But, care to guess who’s at the very bottom of that list? John McCain, whose magic number was 231. So, if we’re going to fault Obama—who has, after all, been spending much of this term running for President—then we’re going to have to fault McCain even more, albeit for the same reason… at least recently. But, what about in the longer term?

Looking back, how has McCain done? In the past ten years, McCain has missed more votes than any current member of the Senate. Given what a bunch of slackers there are in the Senate, that’s a pretty impressive slacker record. So, cut the slacker some slack.

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