A karmic week: and now, Ashley Todd

October 25, 2008 09:28 – 09:28

The McCain campaign is not having a good week. Some things, they cannot be blamed for, such as Joe McCain’s now infamous 2 am “f%^k you” call to 911 in Alexandria, Virginia and Ashley Todd’s hoax. However, were I not a non-theist, I would be tempted to believe that the gods were playing a game of instant karma on the McPalin campaign. It’s as if much of their hateful invective were coming home to roost this week:

1. Endorsements by Powell, McClellan, and other high profile Republicans.

2. The $150K clothing story.

3. Joe the McCain’s 911 “f$$k you”.

4. Ashley Todd hoax.

5. Palin’s IgnoRant lecture about fruit fly research.

6. Andy, Opie, and Fonz endorsement.

7. Endorsement of McCain by Al Qaeda.

8. High level campaign operatives sending out their résumés.

9. Reports that McCain is pissed at Palin.

10. Reports that Palin is now trying to distance herself from McCain (thinking ahead to 2012).

…and more.

You really have to wonder.

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