December 28, 2008 in the Ft. Myers Area

December 29, 2008 10:03 – 10:03

Yesterday, we headed out early to catch the service at the Ft. Myers UU church. According to their web site, the regular minister was to be doing the service. Unfortunately, she wasn’t, but they were going to show a DVD of Van Jones’ Ware Lecture which he gave at the 2008 GA. Katie & I had already seen it, but Karen hadn’t, so we figured what the heck. It was surely worth seeing again. Completing the “we failed” experience, however, about 10 minutes into it, the DVD started breaking up due to a scratch. After several attempts to salvage it, they gave up. It’s worth seeing, though.

One saving element of the experience was the electric accordion player. Yes. An electric accordion. I’d never heard one, but this one seemed to have the full range of different MIDI instrument sounds. His performance of Sleigh Ride was quite entertaining. If you’re going to hear Sleigh Ride when the temperature outside is 81 degrees, it might as well be performed on an electric accordion.

Another saving aspect of the experience were some beautiful flowers growing on the church grounds. Along the walkway leading into the church were some small trees. From a distance, they looked almost dead, and as if bright plastic blossoms had been affixed to them.

They seem to be choked by some kind of parasitic, perhaps Spanish moss. Closer up, however, the blossoms were real. Note the green leaves—another sign of life.

Nearer the car there was a larger tree with a different kind of flower on it. Again, I’ve no idea what kind of tree it was.

The blossoms looked familiar, but I’m not sure I’ve ever known what kind of tree it is. They are similar in structure to the blossoms from the Formosa tree (which I presume came from Formosa, but which we have in Virginia). The tree leaves, however, are nothing like those from the Formosa.

Apparently… bees find these blossoms intriguing as well.

After church, we headed over to Costco to buy some large beach towels. Fortunately, that went of hitchless. From there, we had planned to head to a beach near Fort Myers. Unfortunately, everyone else had decided to head to the beach, too. Two miles north of the beach, traffic came to a standstill. After deciding that waiting in traffic was not the way to spend the next two hours, we hung a U and decided to head to Barefoot Beach Preserve, instead, on the theory that since they charge $8 to get in and since it’s further afield, it would be less crowded. We were right.

Although it was less crowded, it parking was a bit tight. But, we did manage to get parked and spend a couple of hours pretending it wasn’t December 28th and that the water wasn’t 66 degrees. About 5% of the other beach-goers were also pretending that the water temperature was swimmable. But, that’s okay, because it meant that the water wasn’t crowded. Katie & I saw several gopher tortoises there, as well. Unfortunately, they were gone when we went back later hoping to take some pictures. Here’s one from elsewhere on the web.

After beach, we headed back to the Cape Coral house, where we decided to take a dip in the pool. Again, we had to pretend that the pool water wasn’t cold. However, in turning on the pool lights, Katie apparently turned on the heater for the pool, as well. So, although it wasn’t very warm yesterday, it should be nice & warm today and tomorrow.

After showering, etc., we headed out to Moretti’s for dinner. Moretti’s is an Italian/seafood restaurant on the road to Pine Island. There, we independently decided on the fried combo platter. The calamari was surprisingly not overcooked, and was good. The shrimp & scallops were the real winners on the platter, however. The overall discovery, however, was the Bitbergers beer they had on draught. It was quite good, and served at a decent temperature. Apparently, we’d hit them on a good night—beer and wine were only $1.50/glass. Even so, I stopped at one, since we had a 15 mile drive back to the house.

After dinner, we drove “home”—making a quick stop at the Publix around the corner. For entertainment, we watched a DVD containing five episodes of Weeds. If you ever need to believe that there are families and communities that are more dysfunctional than your own, Weeds is the show for you. Also, if you were of the opinion that West Wing showed entirely too little of Mary Louise Parker, then Weeds is the show for you. If you’re offended by moral relativism to the max, profanity, and nudity, then Earth is decidedly the wrong planet for you. I suggest you try some place less populated… like Mars or Venus.

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