December 29, 2008 in Florida

December 29, 2008 23:44 – 23:44

Today, we decided to go to the Audubon Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary near Naples, Florida. It’s a 10,000 acre wildlife and plant refuge that is home to tens of thousands of animals. Here are some of the sights we saw while there.

The next sequence are pictures of a painted bunting.

This next one is a viceroy butterfly.

Above and below was a large hulking bird. I don’t know what kind it was… from the profile, I’m guessing it’s some kind of eagle or hawk.

We didn’t figure out what kind of bird this one was… it might be a wood stork, although the coloring seems reversed.

This is a baby alligator. After touching them, you need to use hand sanitizer to kill the salmonella that they carry.

The next few shots are of a 3 metre alligator.

This is called Lettuce Lake.

Another wood stork (assuming that’s what it is). These things are huge. There’s something similar roosting on top of our screen-in pool at night.

The next little fella is a green anole.


After Corkscrew, we visited Sun Harvest Citrus and bought some orange/vanilla soft serve ice cream, and six navel oranges that weigh about a pound apiece.

After a brief rest at home, we decided to head for Iguana Mía for dinner. Iguana Mía is a Mexican restaurant with several locations. We went to the one in Cape Coral first, but there was a 40 minute wait. At the one in Fort Myers, they said there was a 25-30 minute wait, but we waited only about 10 minutes. The food there was excellent. Katie had chicken fajitas. Karen had a shredded port chimichanga, and I had a shredded beef chimichanga. All was quite good.

Back at Villa Martin (the name of the house where we’re staying), Katie discovered 3 or 4 large black birds roosting above the pool. Unfortunately, it was too dark to see them very well. I tried taking some pictures of them using the flash, but the screen reflected most of the light. They seem to be mostly black, with some white, and red beaks. Maybe one will take up residence tomorrow so it can be photographed properly.

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