Saturday Morning Annoying Phone Call

January 10, 2009 09:53 – 09:53

Update: American Express called again while we were out at dinner. Left no message. But, they just called again! They must like the 8:00 – 8:30 time slot. A real human this time, though. He said they’re looking for someone named Christy something who gave this number as hers. He’s getting my number removed from their system. So, hopefully, I won’t get any more calls… this time.

The phone rings at 8:30 this morning. It’s an automated dialer leaving a message, claiming to be American Express. They wanted to discuss “important personal business” with the “customer at this number”. To me, this says “Collection Agency”. I call back (800-238-8091, and caller ID says Out of Area 623-492-6031), and they want my name and card number. Ain’t happening. They called me. They should have that information. Long story short — I call the guy a liar and say I think he’s not American Express, but someone on a phishing expedition.

I hang up and call the number on my card. The rep puts me on hold while she calls the number, and comes back and says that it IS American Express in fact, but she has no clue why they’d be calling (least of all at 8:30 AM on a Saturday) since our accounts are all in order.

I know why. It’s because some deadbeat made up a phone number and used it when applying for a card, charges for which they have no intention of paying. So, now American Express has our number in their system, associated with a deadbeat account. Been there. Done that. This means we can expect daily calls until hell freezes over or until we find a way to block the number or otherwise get it taken out of their system.

So, I call back and tell them to look up the number and to disassociate it with any accounts whose last name is not Tyson. She says she doesn’t have the ability to look up accounts by phone number. I tell her that that’s bullshit. Not in those words. But, she is insistent. Her best advice is that we change our telephone number. So… we need to go to all that trouble (and yes—it would be a huge amount of trouble) because of some lying deadbeat? And then, what happens when this happens again… and it will, because it’s happened several times before. Only, before, it was collection agencies in Florida and Georgia, and I was actually able to get them to remove my number from their system.

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  2. It appears that we’re now off their list… and it only took four phone calls.

    By Herb Tyson on Jan 18, 2009

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