Conway and Galivant’s Ferry

January 18, 2009 20:13 – 20:13

Unfortunately, it’s been raining all day — not hard all the time, but enough to make being outside uncomfortable. So, after a brief but wet walk on the beach, we decided to do a couple of driving tours — visiting Conway, Galivant’s Ferry, and Socastee, SC. Pictures were taken out the window of the car.

Mystery picture for my sister.

…and so, what’s Wendy’s famous for?

Senior bingo, of course.

And, if you have any generals that need to be fixed, let Elvis do it!

This is the center panel of a huge mural in Conway, SC.

In Conway, they like their oak trees so much that they pave around them.

While in Conway, we stopped at The Freeze for lunch. Two fish sandwiches, two large sodas, and a large order of fries broke the bank at $7.77. After Conway, we headed to Galivant’s Ferry, which has a number of historic buildings, including an old red barn. Rather than lop 40 feet off the barn, they moved the whole highway! And, speaking of cheap…

In Galivant’s Ferry, the attraction is cheap gas!

But, notice the Historical Marker. Gas hasn’t been that low since the 1950s.

After driving around, we headed for Drunken Jack’s in Murrill’s Inlet. They’ve been our favorite seafood restaurant for a long time. But, today, they were a little disappointing. I didn’t find the hushpuppies to be quite as delectable as they were in years past. Karen thought they were, though. I thought the honey butter had too much honey… just a hint is all I like. But, the real disappointment was that the shrimp and scallops were overcooked. Maybe it being the off season, their regular chef is off. Mind you, it was all very good… just not quite as good as we remember it being our last time though this area.

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