The road(s) to Myrtle Beach

January 18, 2009 07:36 – 07:36

We’re at the Anderson Resort in Myrtle Beach, SC. This time of year, a 2-bedroom condo (with three balconies, three HDTVs, two bathrooms, a kitchen, and a partridge in a pear tree goes for about $80 a night. The furnishing are upscale. My only complaints as of about an hour ago were the slow internet that could not be shared and the parking. Having wrestled my router into submission, however, my only complaint is the parking situation.

Parking is about two blocks from the hotel. We actually found a street space across from the hotel. I hope the car is still there in the morning.

On the way down—after we got onto US Route 701, I noticed a bunch of white stuff along the roadway. It stretched for many miles—from near Lumberton, NC to Conway, SC, where we turned onto US Route 501. Here’s what I was seeing from the car. It looked like bits of litter… or maybe large pieces of cotton. But, I’ve never seen cotton as large as many of the pieces I was seeing.

At one point, I could contain my curiosity no longer. So, I stopped the car and got out to investigate. Are those…?


Yes, indeed. They were feathers.

While we never did find out where they were coming from, I reasoned that there were far too many for them to have been coming from a truck carrying chickens or some other birds. They were so numerous that I think they could have been coming only from a truck that was carrying feathers. Lots and lots of white feathers. So, the next time you buy a pillow… check carefully for tire treads.

For Katie, I now present a gallery of the condo’s interior. Mind you, the exterior isn’t all that great (a sickly yellow). And, I would definitely choose a different interior color scheme. But, all told, for about $80 a night, this place ain’t too shabby.

This is the “second” bedroom. Two queen sized beds, an HDTV, and a balcony overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The clutter is provided courtesy of the blogster.

The kitchen has a ton of counter space, a full-sized stove & oven, full-sized fridge/freezer, tons of cabinets and drawers, a large double sink, and a reduced-size dishwasher.

The master bedroom is too big for my 18mm wide angle lens. It has a king bed, a balcony overlooking the Atlantic, and another HDTV. It also has a double closet large enough to stuff several bodies and its own bathroom.

Here’s a shot of the dining and living rooms. Not huge, but large enough, and well-appointed. It has yet another HDTV and balcony overlooking the Atlantic. Tonight, it’s going to be in the low 20s, so I put the ice chest out on the balcony so the ice doesn’t melt.

Not shown is utility closet that has a small combination washer/dryer. All the comforts of home…

Above, the red wire stretching from the wall to Karen’s laptop has now been eliminated. I managed to get the router to work with their system (the guy on the phone said it couldn’t be done, which was just the motivation I needed to prove him wrong). The odd thing dangling from the ceiling fixture over the dining table was my Samsung SCH-i760. For a while, I was using it to connect to the Internets until I managed to get the wireless router working.

On the way up, we stopped at Hardee’s for my favorite road breakfast. I had the bacon/egg/cheese biscuits, and Karen had a Frisco breakfast sandwich—ham, egg, and cheese on sourdough. It looked good enough to eat. I’ll have to try one sometime. For lunch, we stopped at Parker’s. I don’t like their BBQ as much as I used to. It’s too bland, not smoky enough, and too vinegary—and it gives me really bad heartburn. These days, my favorite BBQ spots are Willard’s in Chantilly, VA., Johnny Boy’s in La Plata, MD, Little Pigs in McLean (haven’t been there in a while… wonder if it’s still in business), and Rockland’s in Alexandria, VA. Fortunately, they’re all a lot closer to home than Parker’s, which is in Wilson, NC.

For dinner, we went to the Bi-Lo across the way. They had some really decent salads, well-decorated with mystery meat. We brought stuff back to the condo and initiated the dining table.

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