Myrtle Beach to Chester, VA

January 19, 2009 22:52 – 22:52

Before leaving Myrtle Beach this morning, we went out for a walk on the beach. Here’s the condo building where we stayed.

We had a corner unit with a wrap-around balcony… the one in the middle of the three floors shown below.

Here’s the condo’s association president.

Here’s the board of directors.

And here’s a stray child. Actually, she had two parents and a sibling with her, but a solitary child and the ocean foam make a better photographic statement. So, I cropped.

I like the patterns of tracks along the packed sand.

On the way to our next stop, a little outside of Myrtle Beach, we passed one of the family’s businesses.

Yesterday, it was raining when we were in Conway, so we didn’t get a chance to see the River Walk. Today, we did.

It’s hard to see, but this is where an old abandoned railroad bridge crosses the Waccamaw River.

Here, the Waccamaw River forks.

And, from the right fork, a boat emerged.

He had an excited passenger who kept moving from one side of the boat to the other.

On the way from Conway to our next stop in Lumberton, NC (for lunch), we saw an interesting license plate.

For lunch, we decided to try Fuller’s BBQ in Lumberton. It’s a buffet with lots and lots of good food — including several different kinds of pork BBQ (all better than Parker’s), wonderful fried chicken (even Karen raved over it), terrific mashed potatoes and pot roast gravy, and about 300 different southern style vegetables. Everything was excellent, and the place lived up to its name (we left substantially fuller than we arrived). Fuller’s goes on our list of places in NC to recommend to hungry family members and other travelers.

In Fayetteville, we stopped to see the Airborne and Special Ops Museum at Fort Bragg. If you’d like to see a chronological exhibit of weapons spanning WWII through the present, this is the place for you. Some of the modern optical and communications equipment was pretty cool. And, it’s free. Not the art museum Karen wanted, but, at least it was a museum.

It was almost 4 when we finished there, and we had to make a decision about tonight. The cancellation deadline for the Raleigh hotel was 4 pm. The forecast was now a winter storm warning — 3 to 7 inches and temperatures below freezing. So, we decided to wimp out and head for Richmond.

So, here we are at the Country Inn & Suites in Chester, a little south of Richmond. It’s not the most carefully maintained CI&S we’ve been in. The toilet seat and water faucet knob in the bathroom are both too loose. The luggage rack is rickety, and teeters like it’s going to topple to the floor. But, the beds are comfy, and the room temperature is good. There’s also a microwave and minifridge.

We did a little research and decided to order delivery from Pizza Express. The pizza was a little undercooked, and nothing to write home about (but, blogging’s a whole ‘nother thing). Alex’s pizza in Biddeford, Maine is still the champ.

The Caesar salad, on the other hand, was quite good, and the steak & cheese was the real deal. So, all in all, not a bad dinner. Next time, though, we would forego delivery and try Rosa’s. Rosa has wood-fired pizza ovens, and sounded like their pizzas would have been better.

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