Guajillo’s — Downhill

February 21, 2009 20:00 – 20:00

We went to Guajillo’s in Arlington for dinner tonight. It’s in a little strip that also contains Ray’s Hell Burgers, Pho 75, and Village Bistro. Ray’s the Steaks used to be there, too, but they’ve now moved up Wilson to 2300 (intersection of Clarendon and Quinn). In any case, we’d been to Guajillo’s before, apparently (although I honestly don’t remember it), and thought the food was good.

Tonight, however, it was okay, at best. I had beef fajitas. First strike—no green peppers. Strike two—the vegetables were burned. Half were too burned to eat. Strike three—the tortillas were these thick mealy cornmeal tortillas that don’t go well with fajitas. They might be okay on their own, but as fajita jackets, they sucked. The beef was okay, but a little on the tough side. Strike four—their salsa is this chipotle concoction that tastes more like creosote than salsa. It’s got the right bite, but not sufficient tang. It’s a poor complement to their excellent chips.

The high points were the nice thin chips and the XX on draught.

Karen had the carnitas. The meat was sublime. But, the rest of the platter was so-so, at best.

All told, there are lots of other Mexican restaurants around that do a much better job. We were very disappointed.

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