Brick House Family Restaurant

March 18, 2009 20:33 – 20:33

Karen & I finally tried the Brick House Family Restaurant for dinner tonight. They’re in the Woodlawn area of Route 1, about six miles south of Alexandria—on the east side of Richmond Highway. There used to be a Chinese restaurant in that slot. Brick House is a mixed ethnic restaurant that advertises Mexican, Peruvian, kabobs, and gyros. Tonight, we tried Mexican and Peruvian.

I had the Brick House Peruvian special called lomo saltado. It was marinated grilled beef—marinated in red wine (usually burgundy)—with grilled onions and tomatoes, served over large cut French fries, with a mound of white rice. It was pretty good, but not great. It actually tasted a bit too salty for me. I guess they like their food salty in Peruvia.

Karen had the 3-enchilada combination—cheese, chicken, and ground beef. It was okay, but the sauce wasn’t very interesting, and it was ground beef rather than shredded.

The highlight of the meal was the warm chips and salsa. The chips were thicker than what they serve at Los Tios Grill (which has the area’s best chips, IMO), but at least they were not salted. While thicker than desired, they were still freshly made and warm.

They don’t have their ABC license yet, so we had Diet Coke as a beverage. A sign on the entrance informs the public that an ABC license has been applied for. So, perhaps next time we’ll be able to enjoy some beer or wine with the food. Next time, I think I’ll try one of the Mediterranean dishes.

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