Six cute new IE8 features

March 28, 2009 17:36 – 17:36

I’ve been exploring the new Internet Explorer 8. While I’m not giving up Firefox anytime soon, IE8 does have some potentially useful new features. Here are six that you might find useful, or at the very least cute.

1. Color coded tabs. When you click a link or initiate a search from a tab, the tabs are color coded so that you can see which tabs are associated.

2. IE8 now has “caret browsing”. You toggle it on/off using F7. This feature puts a visible text cursor into the web page so that you can see where you are in the page.

3. When you select text, a button appears containing “accelerators” that can do something with the selected text. My favorite is Search with Google, since this saves me several steps.

4. IE8 can now open the last browser session—whenever you want, not just after a crash.

5. If you accidentally close a tab, IE8 can reopen it. Just right-click any existing tab.

6. You can give IE8 amnesia about your surfing. Look back at the picture for #4—second option from the top. If you press Ctrl+Shift+P (or choose InPrivate Browsing from the menu), IE8 turns off the tape recorder and starts a new copy of IE8. It will cache and remember for the InPrivate session. But, when you close the InPrivate session, IE8 will suddenly be saying “Numbered Swiss Account? What numbered Swiss account?” Any trace that you ever did what we know you didn’t do will be gone.

Where can you get the new IE8? Hmmm Here… let me Google that for you:

lmgtfy is the ultimate in helpful arrogance. I’m still waiting for an occasion to use it, but I’m afraid of hurting anyone’s feelings.

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