Breakfast in Lallio

April 16, 2009 02:51 – 02:51

We just got back up from breakfast. It was surprisingly complete. No scrambled eggs today, but they do have super fresh eggs and water for boiling them. So, I had a medium boiled egg, ham, cheese, orange juice, coffee, and some mini apple pastries. Everything except for the coffee was fresh (well… the OJ wasn’t, but that’s to be expected). I could have had fresh coffee, too, but declined since I have a nice hot mug I made myself earlier this morning.

It’s raining this morning. I hope it will change into showers instead of steady rain. We’re planning to drive to Lake Como, and I’d rather not have slippery roads (the traction control/ABS in the car isn’t functioning). So, wherever we go, it will be slowly and carefully.

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