Dinner at Auchan

April 16, 2009 15:20 – 15:20

We ventured out at about 7 in search of Auchan, a hypermarché chain that operates in Italy and France (and probably elsewhere). We were successful! PS I just now realized that my blog is posting in U.S. eastern time. So, when I say “at about 7,” it might look odd. We’re six hours ahead of the DC area, so, our 7 pm is the DC area’s 1 pm.

I went in search of cream for my tea, super glue to fix the visor clip that broke off on the rental car, tape to hold the visor thing in place while the glue sets, and a hazelnut chocolate bar to have with my tea tonight for dessert. Actually, I was looking for a Cadbury Fruit & Nut bar, but I don’t think Italy has sufficiently recognized the U.K. for that to happen. So, I settled for a Ritter bar with whole hazelnuts, but alas, no raisins. Nutty chocolate goes wonderfully well with hot tea, in my opinion. I conjured up this mental image of dessert for tonight, and that’s what I pictured. Karen stopped at a gelato bar in Auchan, and had what she wanted — ice cream.

If you’re ever in the area around Bergamo, Italy and are looking for a hypermarché, take heart. There is one, and it’s huge.

This one just happened to have superglue—normally something like $3 per tube in the U.S.—in a 3-pack for 1€. I found a small roll of tape for .5€.

The biggest victory there was discovering what Italians call coffee cream (which is what I use for my tea)—panna fresca. So, I now know what to buy when looking for tea cream in France, the Czech Republic, and Italy.

For dinner, we’d already settled on pizza, and we thought we might stumble upon some in the mall. From what we could tell, Auchan basically is the mall, and we did indeed find pizza at the entrance.

Italian pizza is not like U.S. pizza if this was any example, but it was quite good. Karen had some with a generic Eurosausage on it (not pepperoni). I had some Margherita pizza (a light tomato sauce and cheese) and some ham, cheese, and mushroom pizza (not sauce). It was all to our liking. But, Alex’s pizza in Biddeford, Maine is still the all time champ.

I also had a draught Heineken with my pizza (Karen opted for Coke Light). Czech and German draught beer is far superior to Heineken draught in my humble opinionated opinion. We failed to note the name of the pizza place, unfortunately. Dinner came to 12.60€.

Tomorrow, we’ll rise and head towards Beaune, in Burgundy. Maybe we’ll be able to get some boeuf bourguignon for dinner.

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