Rainy Lake Como

April 16, 2009 11:37 – 11:37

It rained all day long—varying from light to hard. Now that we’re back in the hotel room, it’s stopped, and there’s blue sky showing. Go figure.

We spent the day driving around Lake Como. There were many picturesque villages along the way, as well as a few snow-capped mountains. But, each time there was a good view, there was absolutely no place to stop the car, and it rained harder. A lot of the road—as much as 4km at a stretch—is in tunnels. Not terribly picturesque in a tunnel. As a result, I took only four pictures—all four while stopped waiting for a train to cross the road. Here are two of them:


I’m not fond of white pizza, but I really want to try the default pizza in Northern Italy before we head back to France tomorrow. During our drive, we finally saw a restaurant advertising pizza and that had parking. Unfortunately, after we’d sat down we learned that the Spinnaker Pizzeria serves pizza only at night. How odd.

Our other reason for stopping when we did was to use the rest room. Publicly accessible rest rooms are few and far between on the roads surrounding the lake. So, we decided to go ahead and eat there, since they had a rest room.

The proprietor spoke no English, so we communicated as best we could in a combination of Spanish and Italian. His daughter—who seemed eager to help and was about 10 years old (I’m guessing this is her spring break, which would explain why she wasn’t in school)—is studying English in school. She tried to help, but doesn’t seem to have learned much of use yet. Apparently, they don’t teach restaurant and menu vocabulary in her class.

We were brought some prosciutto and bread sticks, which the girl told us were a gift. I don’t care for prosciutto or bread sticks, but don’t like to look a gift horse in the mouth, either. We finally ordered some lasagna, water, and diet coke, and proceeded to eat. The lasagna wasn’t bad, but I could give them lessons, and the bread seemed rather stale. After the main course, the guy asked if we wanted something else, and I said no, just the check, and he brought us some cheese we didn’t want, along with more bread sticks we didn’t want.

We were finally able to get the check, and discovered that the “gift” of prosciutto and the cheese were on the bill (about 23€). We considered it part of the payment for the experience, however, plunked down the money, used their rest rooms a second time, and departed.

Following lunch, we ultimately decided we’d had enough rain, long fume-filled tunnels, and harrowing driving, and made the turn back for Lallio. Trying to have at least one success for the day, I chose to stop at a supermarket for some cream for my tea. My efforts to find cream, however, got me into a traffic jam… and netted only a sawed-off semi-grocery store in the middle of a crowded city with no place to park. Maybe we’ll have better luck with dinner. And, now that the rain has stopped, maybe my mood will improve. I also get cranky anytime I have to fly, and I’m not looking forward to having to fly home on Sunday. I’m looking forward to home, mind you—just not the flying part.

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