A bad idea no matter what you might call them

April 23, 2009 14:31 – 14:31

I had seen signs for speed bumps and speed humps, but this one was a new one on me. We saw a number of “speed lump” signs in Huntsville, Alabama while touring in 2003.

While the wording of the signs might be amusing, the effects of the signs on emergency response teams are not. If the speed limit is 25MPH, then the “state” has no business erecting barriers designed to slow traffic to 15MPH. If speed is a problem, then install speed cameras and enforce the law. Don’t erect barriers that slow down police, ambulances, and fire trucks.

An often-cited purpose is to protect children. However, such traffic calming devices are shortsighted at best, and are a poor substitute for parental responsibility and common sense. At worst, they cause significant delays to emergency response vehicles, and may be costing any number of lives.


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