Beer you can wear…

May 17, 2009 20:49 – 20:49

Yesterday, we picked Katie up at about 11, and then headed to the Samuel Adams brewery in JP. They have free tours and free samples. Lesson: just because they hand you a 275 ml caña-sized glass for beer samples doesn’t mean they’re going to give you 7 ounces of beer. No. In this case, they seat you at tables and pass out many pitchers of beer, which you can drink until your bladder is full.

So, for sample number 1—Boston Lager—I poured a full 7 ounces, thinking that that was it. It wasn’t.

For sample number 2—their Summer Ale—I poured about 4 ounces. Although the Summer Ale is good, I drank only half, realizing that I would need to drive afterward. For me, that was the end of the good beer.

Sample number 3 was a perfectly dreadful dark concoction called Imperial Stout that looked and tasted like very fermented (9.6% alcohol) coffee. I poured less than a full sip, and tasted a lot less than that. Potentially, I could have had a liter or two of beer there, though, without even trying. Even 9 ounces is too much, however, when it’s the first non-caffeine substance to enter your body in over 12 hours. They let us keep the glasses, and we used them tonight, in fact, as we capped the celebration of Katie’s graduation with Stella Artois and Katie’s first encounter with Lexington House of Pizza pizza.

After boozing it up with Sammy Adams, we headed to JP and picked up Liz to go to lunch. Lunch was at El Oriental de Cuba. The food was good, but I still have a Mexican food deficit, since what they serve are Cuban dishes, which decidedly are not Mexican. After lunch, we went back to Liz’s house for a tour.

After that, our gullets full from beer and lunch, we really needed naps. But, decided to do some sightseeing, instead. We began at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. It’s her house, and it’s filled with all kinds of art collected over a long life. Parts of the house look like the Alhambra in miniature. We finished there a little before five, and decided to do some more sightseeing.

After a drive-by of the new Institute of Contemporary Art, we eventually landed at the Bunker Hill Monument, which looks like a miniature Washington Monument. There were lots of dogs and puppies in attendance, which made Katie happy.

Finishing there, we decided to head to the No Name restaurant for dinner. We’d cased it earlier, and it looked like there wouldn’t be a big crowd… uh, Québéçoise tour bus??? Anyway, after regurgitating its contents of about 100 tourists from Québec, the purplish pink bus pulled away, and there was STILL room for more. We were seated, ordered, and served in less than 20 minutes by my reckoning.

The seafood was standard fried fare. Not bad, but their tartar sauce is awful IMO, and it infected about a third of my food. If we go there again, I’ll have to remember and ask them to leave it off. During dinner, there was a beer mishap.

Katie’s [plastic] beer cup was hiding behind our Sam Adams bottles at dinner. So, when my fork swept in for an offered sample of her scrod, it encountered unanticipated resistance, Had the No Name restaurant provided real beer glasses, the incident probably would not have occurred. Fortunately, most of Katie’s beer was still in the bottle. Unfortunately, two ounces of beer isn’t all that much better than four ounces when it’s on your shirt and jeans.

After dinner, we took Katie first to Shaw’s so she could buy some stuff, then back to her apartment so she could change, and finally over to the Puppet Theatre so she could watch a puppet jam, featuring Liz and Eric, who were the highlight of the evening. After dropping Katie off, we then headed back to Burlington so we could rest up for the 9 am convocation ceremony for the department of math and statistics at Boston University.

I’ll come back to this posting when we get back to Virginia and add a few pictures. The connection here works, but is 10% of the speed back home, so I don’t think I’ll push my luck.

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