How to barbeque a grill

June 14, 2009 12:17 – 12:17

So, what happens to a Weber Q gas grill when you leave it on medium for about 12 hours?

This happens:

I left it on deliberately, but forgot to set a timer. I was trying to burn off the remnants of a rather sticky (but good) marinade I concocted for grilling prawns and scallops Friday for dinner.

Mission accomplished:

Not a trace of that sticky marinade left.

Not a trace of a working grill left, either:

Or, at least the built-in starter isn’t going to be starting the grill again anytime soon. The grill itself was actually still working when I noticed that it was tilting at an odd angle. I guess we’re lucky there wasn’t a fire.

I’m going to replace it with the electric version — the Weber Q140. Fortunately the cart wasn’t damaged and is still quite usable. With an electric version, I can use a timer to prevent leaving it on by accident. Unless I forget to set the timer that is. See above.

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