Old Yellerstone

July 1, 2009 10:38 – 10:38

Yesterday was a lot of fun. Katie, Heather, and I hiked a loop around a lot of geysers and pools starting from near Old Faithful. The most impressive to me was the chromatic pool.

Karen, of course, would really appreciate Economic Geyser.

We saw OF erupt three times. I posted lots of pictures to Facebook. Here’s one of them, if the link works.

After about a six mile hike at over 7,500 feet (thin air)—some of it rather vertical—I treated Katie & Heather to dinner and soft serve ice cream. Dinner was at the Yellowstone Lodge cafeteria. Katie had the veggie pot pie, which she liked. Heather had the veggie lasagna, which she liked. I had the chicken parmigiana, which was absolutely dreadful. So, I guess veggie wins. For the side, I had a choice of rice or mashed potatoes—no pasta. They offered up some garlic bread, which was about as bad as my entrée. The sauce for the chicken parmigiana was Prego, apparently, which the Italian word for “Let’s eat somewhere else.”

The soft serve, on the other hand, was really good and abundant. We each got too much ice cream (vanilla chocolate swirl, which were the only flavors they have) for $2.65 a pop.

After dinner, I hit the road for Helena, Montana, which turned out to be 4.5 hours, rather than the 2-3 I had expected. Along the way, a huge deer with enormous antlers decided to play chicken. I hit the brakes, and its hind leg hit some plastic on the right front bumper area. It kept on running, and I kept on going since the impact was fatal to neither, and no blood was shed… just plastic. I expect that those two broken $5 plastic pieces will cost hundreds of dollars to fix. I wonder if those deer whistle things work. I’m now in the market for one.

I finally tooled into the Comfort in Helena at about 10:15 last night, my windshield thick with bugs. At one point last night, I thought it was raining, but it was a herd of bugs slapping against the windshield. Maybe it should be called a bugshield, instead. Fortunately, the Comfort Inn had a squeegee and a large bucket of freshly brewed warm sudsy water, which I used this morning to reveal the presence of a windshield under thousands of insects.

Today, I’m heading towards Ellensburg, Washington, where I have a reservation at the Comfort Inn. I’ve given up on Super 8. Then, tomorrow, I’ll make the turn to the north for Vancouver, and hopefully end up at the Sheraton Wall Centre where Karen is staying.

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