Fort Collins to Council Bluffs

July 8, 2009 00:02 – 00:02

First, let me say how profoundly grateful and touched Karen and I are at the outpouring of love from all of our friends. You share our sadness, and you share your strength with us. Your strength and love sustain us.

We picked up Katie’s ashes this morning at Vessey Funeral Services this morning. Let me say something about Vessey. Steve Vessey is terrific. He even dressed down a bit today, since I was there in shorts and a collared t-shirt each time I was there the day before. As we were leaving, he asked if there were anything else he could do for us. Knowing we had at least three more stops to make before we could hit the road, I jokingly said “Not unless you happen to have an 8-pound bag of ice.” He said “Just a moment,” and returned seconds later with a huge bag of ice. I dumped about 8 pounds into our cooler, and thanked him profusely. I cannot say enough about Vessey. If you’re ever unfortunate enough to need mortuary service in the Fort Collins, Colorado area, you will not find fairer, more reasonable, or more compassionate and professional services than Steve’s. I gave him one of my CDs as we were leaving, and told him that the Heart of It All was inspired in large part by Katie.

We finally got out of Fort Collins at about noon, with about 580 miles of driving ahead of us. We plotted a trajectory and determined that we could make it as far as the Omaha area, and made a reservation at the Country Inn & Suites in Council Bluffs, Iowa—just across the Missouri river from Omaha, Nebraska.

It’s about 480 miles across Nebraska. That’s further than the trip from our house to Karen’s brother Mike’s house in Sandusky. States shouldn’t be that wide.

We stopped for lunch at Mi Ranchito in Sidney, Nebraska. It was food, but it was not good food. Katie always had a knack for finding good burritos and tacos. I wish she’d been able to point us elsewhere.

Anyway, we arrived in Council Bluffs, and we make the next leg of our journey tomorrow. I’ve reserved a room at the Comfort Inn in Fremont, Indiana. I stayed at so many Comforts on my way to Vancouver that tomorrow night’s stay is free. With luck and clear roads, we should be home by late on Thursday. Wish us well. We love you.

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