Katie’s computer

July 20, 2009 09:48 – 09:48

I got up the nerve to try to boot Katie’s computer—it booted. However, we were unable to learn from her Outlook calendar and contacts the name of the dental surgeon who was going to extract her wisdom teeth later this summer. We would like to cancel the appointment. I guess we’ll have to try other resources. I think maybe she had a datebook/calendar of some kind.

The screen on her Toshiba laptop is broken—cracked in a number of places, making an odd fractal pattern that Katie would be analyzing right now. Maybe she’s now One with the universe and no longer needs to analyze before understanding perfectly and completely. She was always much faster at grasping complicated mathematical concepts than I was. If her spirit has an independent existence, then she’s now instantaneously fast.

I am oddly relieved that the crash that took Katie from us did not leave her computer undamaged. To think that the computer had completely survived something that was brutal enough to kill someone would be too much to take.

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