How to break two ribs

July 27, 2009 16:45 – 16:45

I’m filing this under Travelogue, since it involved a trip.

Here’s where I fell and broke two ribs 16 days ago. It was a little gray today, but you can still see how you go from bright sunlight into heavy shade.

I was wearing sunglasses and removed them, but my eyes were still not adjusted to the changed light. I stepped up the curb, and about three strides later, I tripped here:

Because I was falling onto a raised slanted area, my efforts to stop the fall weren’t timed correctly. So, my arms weren’t extended enough, and collapsed as I hit, and my left ribs and chest took most of the fall. It felt like an incompetent EMT had just given me CPR chest compressions. My left elbow scraped on the wooden beam as I went down. I didn’t even know that my elbow was scraped until Karen exclaimed about it.

The offending slab—uplifted by the tree at the left—is on the southeast side of Whiteoaks Drive, about 100 feet from Mason Hill Drive. There are a couple of other eager tripping points along Whiteoaks, so please be careful if you walk that route.


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